I had an early wake up as we we're having a City Orienteering this saturday organized by AECO. We were divided into groups of about 10 persons. We had a list of places we could visit and at each place we had to do some tasks. Points were given from each task completed and also for using different kind of transports. We decided to visit New Territories first as everybody was heading to the Hong Kong island. New territories was also good choice as I don't go there so often so I had a chance to see what's in there. We visited few nice temples and also the famous wishing tree. People can't hang their wishes from the tree anymore as few years back the wishes were so heavy that it damaged the tree:) So we had to put our wishes on this wall.

We didn't do so well in the competition as we didn't get any prizes in the end, but it was a perfect way to spend a beautiful saturday so I didn't mind:) Unfortunately it was impossible to visit all the places on the list. There were very interesting places I wanted to visit and I forgot to write them down. I maybe got to go to AECO office and ask for those. Below you can see few photos from our city orienteering:

Team number 7 ready to explore Hong Kong

At the wishing tree (or the wishing board next to it)

Martin wishing Sweden's national ice hockey team to win Finland at the next World Cup (no chance, Martin)

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