The first week of Chinese Lunar New Year isn't the only time when they arrange some new year celebrations. This weekend it was time for the Lunar New Year Lantern Carnivals. I had been waiting for this event since I heard about it. I read from tourist guides that this lantern carnival is considered as the Chinese Valentine's Day. This year's carnival lasted for 3 nights starting from thursday. For every night the place of the event was different. I was trying to find these places on my map book and found out that the first one was held in a park quite near from our Student Halls. So after my putonghua class we decided to take a taxi there.

The Lantern Carnival was not like I imagined it to be but I was positively surprised. I thought the place would be full of these traditional basic chinese lanterns but the lanterns turned out to be pieces of art. The lanterns were in shape of animals, humans and all kinds of objects. Watching lanterns was not the only activity you could do there, there was also a big stage where there were some performers on stage. Of course they were speaking in cantonese so it wasn't for us. There was also this tent full of tables for two and a big line of people waiting to get there. First we thought it was some speed dating thing as people were talking and holding hands. After all, it was the chinese valentine's day. But after some more research we found out that the people there were telling other people's fortune by reading their hands:) Anyways, we didn't have time or courage to know our future.

On friday I didn't go to any lantern carnivals but on saturday we went again and this time it was in Tsing Yi Park. The park was quite far away so we had to take an MTR there. This park was bigger and more beautiful than the one we saw on thursday. They had small lakes there and even a waterfall. We went there quite early so this time we decided to know our future. We queued for the fortune teller quite long and finally got on the table. Me and Martin were in the same table and our fortune teller was a face reader. Seems like my future is bright and what was the best news was that I will make more money than Martin, the swedish guy:) Finland vs. Sweden: 1 - 0.
Below you can see few photos from the park:

Panda lanterns

Amazing lantern display on a lake

Saturday's group: (from left) Martin, Karin, Chelsea, Antonietta, Angel, Me and Sebastian.

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