Today we had an International Cultural Night. Each country had a chance to show their own culture, traditions, cuisine, costumes, tourist attractions... etc. We had met with the finnish people on previous sunday to prepare for this day. Every country had also a chance to make some kind of 5 minute show on a stage. For the show we decided to show one video of Finland and dance "Letkajenkka". On our stand we had a slideshow of our own photos taken in Finland, some Finnish books and also something to eat. Some of us had brought candy from Finland and we had got some nice snacks from this one Scandinavian restaurant in Hong Kong owned by a Finnish person. The snacks were soooo gooood and didn't cost anything as we were promoting this restaurant. Unfortunately people didn't really like the Finnish sweet called "Salmiakki":) But all in all, the night was a success and I enjoyed it even though I was feeling pretty weak because of my flu.

Our stand


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