Hong Kong is unbelievable! We went out last night to Lan Kwai Fong. In case you're not that familiar with places in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong is a popular party area. The streets are full of bars and clubs and we students spend many late hours there. But I must say I'm not big fan of LKF, mostly because it's too western and touristic place. When the night comes, lots of expatriates and tourists pour in there. And I also don't like the small and crowded bars and clubs there. I like big clubs! I was actually quite surprised about the fact that there aren't really big clubs in HK. Even in my home city the clubs are bigger.

But anyways, this is what happened: we were standing in front of club 7/11 when few of our female exchange students came there all excited. They said they had just been in a photo with Kanye West. I follow the news about who's performing in HK and when and had not read anything about Kanye performing here, so of course I thought they were too drunk and making things up. But once I took a look in the street I saw the man! Kanye West walking up the streets of Lan Kwai Fong!!! This is too much for me! In a week I've seen both David Beckham and Kanye West in person. For a small town boy from the forrests of Finland this is unbelievable:) WOW!

I also got other things to tell you. Today it was the beginning of Formula One season. So of course I wanted to go watch it in some bar. It was difficult to find anyone interested in Formula 1 here but luckily Martin saved my day and I didn't have to go watch the race alone. We had to wake up early... well, around noon but we were out last night so it was difficult. I wanted to go to the same place where we watched the Super Bowl. We arrived in Dan Ryan's just in time for the start. I ordered a hamburger meal for a breakfast and enjoyed it while watching the race. The race was a disaster but it still was the best way to enjoy sunday afternoon!

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