Today we had the Tug of War competition in our student halls. We had had trainings two times before the actual competition and I attended both of them. They seem to take competitions quite serious here as they give points for each hall for their success in different competitions. The competition was held indoors as we had trainings outdoors and had made so much noise that the residents in nearby buildings had complained. In the first match we were up against last year's champion but suprise suprise... we won! I was part of our tug of war group on that victory but I had to skip the next ones as there were too many of us wanting to compete. Of course without me my hall lost the next matches;) Our men's team ended up being the fourth best, which is quite ok. Our ladies team did better though, they were second runner ups. One thing you might not realize is how much noise asian people can make:) Few days earlier we had some Variety show competition in our halls and already there I got a taste of how the local people cheer here. Hall residents are very proud of their own halls and they don't hesitate to show it:) Watch the video below to have an idea of what I've just explained:

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