Definitely one of the top 5 days in Hong Kong. Earlier this week I read from newspaper that LA Galaxy's match in Hong Kong has been confirmed, few days later I hear that Andre from Sweden is going to go get tickets for the match, so I sent him an sms asking for two tickets for myself. After few hours I was holding tickets to David Beckham's match in my hands!!! For few moments it felt like it was christmas:)

So this sunday was the magical day! We gathered at the 1st floor with some other exchange students and left to Hong Kong stadium. The stadium wasn't full as I expected, there were lots of empty seats. Once David Beckham, the god himself, came to the field to warm up, everybody in the stadium went crazy, me included. I think my fellow exchange students might have been a bit ashamed of me at the game because of my shouting:) But I was just so happy being there. I never thought I would see Beckham in person, as he would never come to a place like Finland, but now that small dream has come true.

The reactions of the spectators were pretty funny. Once there was a chance for LA Galaxy to get a corner kick people started cheering as they wanted to see Beckham to make the corner kick. And everytime they actually got a corner kick or a free kick the spectators went crazy and they... I mean WE started cheering like Beckham himself would have scored a goal. In the end LA Galaxy lost the game in penalty shots, but Beckham scored two goals on penalty shots so I was very happy for the whole experience. After the game I was speechless. The day was perfect and I realized how lucky I am to be able to study in Hong Kong and be able to experience all these things that I would never experience back home.
Below some video I took from my perfect day:

I also got to mention that this week we had our midterm tests. I only had midterm tests from two subjects. The first one was from the course Supply Chain Management. I'm mentioning it because I was quite shocked about the whole test event. At the test people were just talking with each others and copying their papers without any care in the world. At one point the lecturer mentioned about it but still they continued copying by not making that much noise. After the class I spoke to one local student and she said the lecturers never want to fill up papers about students cheating so they ignore it. I don't care much about it but it just not what I expected of this culture. Anyways, in the other test people behaved better so i'm not totally disappointed of the local people.

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